The Great Gatsby(Symbolism)

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The Great Gatsby, written in 1925, is a work that focuses in on the corruption of AThe American Dream@ during the 20's. AThe American Dream@ is the belief that hard work and dedication can provide success no matter where your roots started. In the novel Jay Gatsby is the embodiment of AThe American Dream@ that all of America had(Stallman 158). In Gatsby=s dream there were two goals he was reaching for: Wealth, comfort, and security; …

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…was the vessel of corruption in the story. They based their dream on illusions without looking at the reality of the situation(Bewley 235). They were living in a world made of money and failed to see the crumbling of their world around them. Whether Fitzgerald intended to depict AThe American Dream@ or the corruption of the dream, there is no doubt that the characters were working for or already had the fulfillment of a dream.