The Great Depression: what brought it about and how it affected the public.

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The Great Depression and the New Deal In the summer of 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt urged the coal mining workforce to join the union. By no time at all workers everywhere were flocking to the union by the thousands. The miners believed that Roosevelt was trying to get them recognition of the United Mine Workers of America. The coal industry was dangerous work and was getting worse with the great depression in 1929. Unemployment rose while wages …

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…power. The New Deal offered special benefits to the South. The agricultural program boosted farm prices and income more in the South than any other region. Roosevelt's New Deal Came to a holt in 1938. With the Republicans gaining seventy-five seats in the House and seven in the Senate along with thirteen governorships Roosevelt lost his political leverage. With Roosevelt as president and his opponents controlling Congress, The new Deal was over and a political standstill .