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The Great Depression affected mostly the metropolitan areas according to Vivian. He said, Salem was not really bothered by the Great Depression until around 1938 of í39 and the affects were still very minor, and the Great Depression was pretty much over. This was true because Dent county didnít have very much money and it is a rural area. In Salem everyone know each other and helped each other out. For example, if somwone didnít …

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…discovered they had overbuilt inventories. Because the this decline in production coincided with establishment of th NRA, business and the public began to question the New Deal. The average unemployment rate during 1933 was 25 percent. It fell to only 22 percent in 1934. Many indicators suggested that the recovery was weak. As a result of the weak recovery and dissatisfaction over several aspects of the New Deal, Roosevelt was being criticized from all sides (Hall and Ferguson, 1998, p129).