"The Grapes Of Wrath " by John Steinbeck.

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American literature would not be complete without John Steinbeck's masterpiece entitled "The Grapes of Wrath". This outstanding novel is supposedly the most significant dispelling of the myth of California as a Promised Land. This book is considered to be the most thorough examination of American society in the thirties. Not only does it present realities in terms of economy and history but also it deals with the mentality of Americans. The novel's title refers to "…

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…which determined the way people behaved, lived. "The grapes of wrath" perfectly reflects the Usa and its society of the thirties. The novel shows how much determined a human being can be in pursuit of happiness. It is the examination of human behaviour in the face of danger, unfairness and poverty. Steinbeck opens everyone's eyes in his book by presenting California- the Promised Land as a tale of dashed illusions, thwarted desires and betrayed promises..........