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Pre-communist society was based on the teachings of Kung Fuzi (Confucius, 550-478 BC), whose main doctrine explained that inequality of the sexes in society was natural and necessary. He thought that everyone had his place- and a woman's place was at the bottom of the hierarchy. Kung Fuzi stated 'Women are human but lower than men' and 'It is the law of nature that woman should not be allowed any will of her own.' …

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…on the shelf all alone. Concubines were not treated like humans at all, but instead, they were treated like things. Women had a hard time in pre-revolutionary China. Before communism, there were no benefits to being a woman, but now, they can do practically anything a man can do. Women will always have a hard time, no matter what the time period may be. They will be a small happiness until the end of time.