The Goddess Remembered

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Filmmaker Donna Reed directed the 1989 documentary-format film The Goddess Remembered, with sponsorship from the National Film Board of Canada. It is currently used as a major educational resource in many universities' Womens Studies classes, appearing on numerous syllabi This film speaks of many argumentive topics such as; Satellite photographs that have recently shown that the Neolithic monoliths of the Goddess (such as Stonehenge) that "all stand on energy lines, which criss-cross the earth.", The belief …

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…Teish, Starhawk, Charlene Spretnak, and Jean Bolen, who link the loss of goddess-centered societies with today's environmental crisis. They propose a return to the belief in an interconnected life system, with respect for the earth and the female, as fundamental to our survival. As an average student, I can only sit and respect the words that they have to offer. This was the perfect example of a film signifying diversity of beliefs in our culture.