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A Critical Analysis of the Opening Pages of Chaper Nine from “The Go-Between” by LP Hartley The beginning passages of chapter nine are illustrative of the plot intensifying and depict a heightened relationship between Leo and Ted Burgess. They are symbolically indicative of “the calm before the storm.” The written use of imagery, metaphor and symbolism contribute to the novel as a whole and add a richness of meaning. The continuation of natural imagery attributed …

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…to dismiss it; “Behind my instinctive wish to find an imaginary explanation.. there lurked a sneaking curiosity... to know the real one.” In conclusion the beginning passages of chapter nine portray the continued mutually beneficial relationship, built on trust that is shared between Ted and Leo. Ted needs Leo to act as the “go-between” for himself and Marion and Leo needs Ted as a moral guide who can put him on the road to manhood.