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The mother's expectations "The Glass Menagerie," a play by Tennessee Williams, gives us a quick picture into the lives of three completely different humans beings. The mother Amanda Wingfield, is a women who is completely in love with her two children. her love although sometimes comes across in a very mean and dominant manner "unwittingly cruel at times" (1898), but she is always present for her children. Laura, her oldest out of two children, is handicapped …

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…high expectations of her mother, Laura lives a life of shyness. This makes Amanda upset for her only wish is "success and happiness" for her "precious children" (1918). Tom just cannot avoid following in his fathers footsteps. Tom would McKendry 5 love to escape his role as the man of the home without hurting or taking away the love of Amanda or Laura. Amanda only does what she thinks is best but does not always do that.