The Glas Menagerie

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Some families donít function normally. Because of several reasons. One may be that a member in the family is not very open with their true feeling and becomes intolerable. Or there has been tragic things happen to them early on. Or they just do not get along well with each for some reason or another. In the play The Glass Menagerie Tom, Amanda, and Laura Wingfield made their family dysfunctional because of their problems …

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…Because of Tom, Amanda, and Laura problems and incompatibility at home they made their family a dysfunctional one. Tomís not being open causes himself to be bossed around by his mother. Amandaís interference in her childrenís lives and Lauraís problem being truthful with her mother all contribute to their familyís dysfunctional state. It seems as though if everybody remained truthful and open with each other their family could function normally.