The Future of Warfare- Thought Paper

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The Future of Warfare- Thought Paper At the beginning of the quarter, I was discussing the war on Afghanistan with my father, a graduate of USC with a degree in Political Science. He said to me, ?War is nothing more than politics gone awry. Just remember- It's all shades of gray, my son. Ain't any black and white except on an old TV?. After mulling over this for several weeks, I came to the profound …

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…from future conflicts. We can increase the spread of technology and the general economic betterment of the world by supporting international organizations like the UN and the WTO. There are so many reasons to believe warfare as we know it will become obsolete in the coming century. Works Cited Global Issues 01/02. 2001/2002nd ed. N.p.: Dushkin/ McGraw-Hill, 2001. Kegley, Charles W., and Eugene R. Wittkopf. World Politics Trend and Transformation. 8th ed. Boston: Bedford St. Martins, 2001.