The Fur Trade New France's Great Mistake

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The furtrade: New France's greatest mistake The fur trade began as a by-product of the fishing industry and slowly blossomed into the French colony of New France. The French concentrated the fur trade along the Atlantic coastline and soon developed a good trading relationship with their business partners: the Natives (Origins, 41). The Indians were the people hunted and trapped the beaver and brought the final product to the Europeans. The relationship was very prosperous for …

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…of unity or cohesiveness. France had hopes that their St. Lawerence colony would become part of their mercantilist plan but soon turned into a weak link in their chain of colonization. New France in a way became to exploit France whether its was unintentional or not. While the nature of the fur trade helped in the British conquest, the question still remains: would have a cohesive, compact New France been able to resist Britsh invasion?