The Friendship of the movie "Becket"

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"The Friendship between King Henry and Thomas Becket" The friendship between King Henry and Thomas Becket could be described as strange and confusing. When Becket served under King Henry as Chancellor their friendship was close and caring. They were in separable partners. Henry let Becket make important decisions and speak for him because because he was a very witty person. In my opinion, King Henry and Thomas Becket's friendship deteriorated when the King promoted Becket …

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…as divine power which unpleasantly upset the King. he felt like the only man he could ever trust betrayed him. Therefore Henry didn't know what else to do except for kill Becket. Henry still paid his respects to Becket by praying to his casket and taking a beating on his back to feel the pain that Becket had to feel. Therefore I feel that in the end Becket and Henry still remain friends. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**