The First Movement of Bela Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra.

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This movement is called 'Introduzione.' It is based on the key of F minor and in sonata form. It begins with an 'andante non troppo' section and moves into 'allegro vivace.' Within the movement, evidence of Bartok's organisational compositional approach can be seen in the precise timings given for each section and his organic approach can be seen in the natural growth of his ideas. This style has been influenced by classical and …

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…returning as a lead up to the first subject, in which semiquavers in the strings and wind lead up to a return of the trombone theme to close the movement. This work is not a concerto in the sense that it does not have an obvious soloist, however, it does have soloistic sections, and it does relate to the Baroque form of concerto for orchestra, although the connections are less obvious than in other movements.