The First Crusade

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The First Crusade         As the year 1000A.D. was approaching the strength of Christianity in Western Europe was growing along with its population. The newly reformed and organized Church began to gain great power. A new Europe was being born with the Catholic Church as a force in every area of life.         In Christian beliefs, the savior, Jesus Christ was to return to earth and bring judgment on its people. Many clergy members along with …

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…Crusaders could also be seen as a failure in morals. It seemed that the Crusaders, for the most part, lost their way. Their goals switched from religious to materialistic.         The First Crusade was the first installment in a series that lose their ' holiness' and become less successful. Militarily, the First Crusade was an utter success. It started a hatred for the West by the Near and Middle Eastern peoples that still is strong today.