The First Battle of Manassas

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The First Battle of Manassas On a hot summer day in July of 1861 there stood about 30,000 Union troops lead by General Irvin McDowell ready to march out and capture Richmond and end the war. For the troops were young volunteers and thought that the battle would only last one day. But they were wrong for the battle of Manassas or otherwise known as Bull Run lasted more then one day the battle lasted six days …

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…The Union retreated all the way back to Washington and the Confederates on the Battle of Bull Run. Even though it was a battle that people wouldn't think that would last long it was very costly. Which made Lincoln's administration have to replace McDowell with a new Maj. General George B. McClellan, who had a different approach on the battles then that of McDowell. Gen. McClellan needs to train his troops and reorganize his tactics.