The Film "Unbearable Lightness of Being"

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Unbearable Lightness of Being A film by Phillip Kaufman Cast: Daniel Day-Lewis - Tomas Julliette Binoche - Tereza Lena Olin - Sabina "Take off your clothes." The line most repeated throughout the film, gave us a sense of what we were to expect from Phillip Kaufman's "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". Adapted from a Milan Kundera work of the same name, the story takes us through the life of an eccentric doctor living in 1968 Prague, …

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…to the countryside, where they live with an old friend of Tomas. They spend the rest of their lives there, until they die in a car accident. The story is best described as one man's conquest over his own fears of commitment. It had a personal affect on me, for I too have the same fears. No one person knows who or what will become his demise, and that uncertainty is probably what everyone fears.