The Fighting Irish.

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The Fighting Irish The Irish have come a long way in American society from the struggles they once faced, during the immigration wave of the late 1800's. Irish americans faced many hardships during this time, and overcame them all. The first fight that they faced was in 1864, when the great potatoe famine swept across their home land. This only led the people to another battle, across the ocean to the "new world". After settling, the …

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…strong race. And today the ancestors of Irish immigrants are proud of their heritage, proud to be Irish. The Irish overcame all odds, and went from a perseption of stupid and lazy, to hardworking and strongwilled. The Irish name no longer rings feelings of hatred. In American society today, the Irish heritage is one of the most commonly seen. Showing that the Irish people dispite all disadvantages are thrivers, and a survivors of the ages.