The Extermination of the Jews

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The first 13 of the 18 documents, collectively called The Extermination of the Jews, were not in any way new stories to me. In fact I came into this book with the same attitude that I usually do when faced with Holocaust stories, that of "Yes it was horrible, but I know all about it already. This reading isn't going to do anything to my attitude." I, as I always am in thinking such a thought, was …

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…enough to override the human conscience? The sociologist makes an excellent point when he states ,"what is the correct balance between individual initiative and authority?" Indeed this is a question that we must ask if we are to proceed in a workable society. We cannot have a world without leadership, but similarly we should not surrender our individuality to the state or we come closer to the negative utopias described in 1984 and Brave New World.