The Events Leading Up to The Trial of Socrates

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In the years preceding the birth of Christ many ancient cities flourished. One particular city was the acropolis, or city-state of Athens. The city was ruled by the Council of Elders, who appointed magistrates, or archons, who were responsible for the conduct of war, religion, and law. In the 450s B.C., the Council of Elders elected a statesman named Pericles into power. Pericles was eloquent, wise, and patriotic. Pericles sought to enable all Athenian …

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…and what they claimed was leading to irreverent behavior, and more to do with Socrates' politics. The writer also thinks that Critias and Charicles were troubled by the negative influence Socrates was having on their popularity, not the negative influence Socrates was having on Athenians' moral disposition. It is the writer's belief that the Thirty invented things to censor Socrates for their own success. Incidents much like this one brought about the trial of Socrates.