The Euthyphro Dilemma Vs. The Divine Command Theory Two theories explaining moral behavior explored.

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The divine command theory is the idea that moral actions are those that conform to God's will. For example, murder is wrong because God condemns it. Using this theory, there is a test for determining whether any action is right or wrong: if it conforms to God's will, it is morally permissible, but if it does not, then it is impermissible. This seems very simple. However, the theory breaks down when the will of God …

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…believe that God is full of goodness and understanding. In addition, they hold that God is the source of all things and knows all. This theory doesn't allow a person to easily and logically understand why God would deem any action right or wrong. One must throw his hands into the air and believe on faith that God's will is beyond the understanding of mere humans, move on, and go to church again next Sunday.