The Epic Story of Beowulf

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In the epic story of Beowulf, the hero is Beowulf. He shows physical strength in the story by defeating Grendel. In line 219 of Grendel’s mother, it tells how Beowulf killed her. “…cut it through, broke bones and all.” His strength is also told in line 213 of how he “lifted the sword that was so massive that no ordinary man could lift.” Beowulf’s determination, or his will to win, was throughout the story, even …

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…Beowulf, who is a figure of imposing stature. The setting covers vast nations, which included Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Third is the action, which in this case there are three, defeating Grendel and his mother, and the Fire dragon. The other characters included Shild, Hrothgar, Grendel, Grendel’s mother, the Fire dragon, and Wiglaf. The last characteristic is the poet. It is a recount of the deeds of the hero with a measure of objectivity.