The Einsatzgruppen

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The Einsatzgruppen Introduction During World War II, at the time of Germanyís Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, there was a fairly small well-trained commando group. This group was called the Einsatzgruppen. Itís main objective was to kill Jews. There are many different ways that you may state this, but basically that was all they were trained to do. They were first introduced to help the German army in the process of the final solution. The …

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…reason the Einsatzgruppen was around was to kill. It is a shame that even today, when there is so much proof and evidence against them, that people still claim to say that the Einsatzgruppen never even existed. This is a lie. This is a lie. This is a lie. Do not be fooled. The Einsatzgruppen did exist, and they helped to try to eliminate a race. That should not be hidden; that cannot be hidden!