The Effects of War on Ernest Hemingway.

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Would you read a book knowing that its author died with the brutal taste of self-inflicted cold steel in the back of his throat? Many have oblivious to this detail. Many choose to ignore this gruesome fact because of the great literacy written beforehand. World War I had a profound effect on everyone it touched. The results of the incidents that Ernest Hemingway experienced during the war, changed him as a man, eventually led to …

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…understand the distress of war unless he has been in the life-or-death situation that Hemingway and his fellow workers have experienced. The new man that World War I has molded Hemingway into is an athletic, confident, intelligent, and strong figure. This "new" Hemingway was just the start of a career whose every work involved war in one way or another; for this poor author was traumatized for life, remembering each day the horrors of war.