"The Effects of Treatment Compliance on Outcome in Congnitive-Behavioral Therapy for Panic Disorder: Quality Versus Quantity"

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In this study, both quality and quantity of home-based practice were assessed to better evaluate the effects of treatment compliance in patients with panic disorder who participated in a 12 session CBT protocol. CBT which stands for cognitive-behavioral therapy, is skill based and assumes active patient participation in regard to treatment-related assignments. Many CBT outcome studies of depression and anxiety indicate that compliance is significantly related to treatment outcome, although a similar number do not show …

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…study, findings from this study are consistent with the idea that homework compliance may be an important factor in determining response to treatment. As far as we can determine, this is the first study to assess the relationship between compliance quality and quantity. However, this positive finding must be viewed cautiously. It is important to qualify the relative importance of the quality versus quantity ratings be reiterating the high level of correlation between this ratings.