The Early Labor Movement

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The Early Labor Movement, 1794- 1836 The early labor movement, between 1794 and 1836 had many strengths and weaknesses. Leadership of skilled workers in the union movement and the increased demand for these workers in the building trades were two of these strengths. Also important were the success of strikes for the ten-hour workday and the creation of the Working Men's party. The movement also had its weaknesses though. The loss of jobs due to new production processes …

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…The courts found that closed shops did violated these laws and the defendants guilty. But, in time, the higher courts overturned the verdict and all the defendants were acquitted. This was due to pressure put on the jury by protesters. One case involved over 27,000 demonstrators outside of New York City's City Hall. In conclusion, the strengths and weaknesses of the early labor movement of 1794-1836 defined industry, politics, and society, as we know it today.