The Dubliners, The Dead

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Reaction to “The Dead” “The Dead” is the last story in the book entitled Dubliners, by James Joyce. This story seems to unite Dubliners, developing in great depth many themes present in the other stories, particularly entrapment, escape, and paralysis. James Joyce uses and develops these themes, mainly through the recurring images of death and cold that end the story in the final epiphany. John Huston, Director of the movie “The Dead,” has also portrayed …

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…book and the movie, both have images that are portrayed to better illustrate entrapment, escape, and paralysis. For me, I read this part of the book and really didn’t understand what James Joyce was trying to get across, yet after watching the movie I got a better understanding of the importance of this scene in the storyline. I believe that this book actually complimented the book, something that other movies are unable to do.