The Diviners: mother-daughter relationships

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"My Hope Is Constant In Thee" (352-353) What gives a mother greater hopes than her offspring? To see in her child the hopes and dreams of the future while her own begin to fade with her age. Prin Logan, christened Princess, lost her only child but adopted the orphan Morag Gunn, who, as a grown woman, gave birth to Pique. In this essay I will focus on the relationship between Morag and Prin and the …

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…because then she didn't have to face the fact that people are not perfect so they are not always easy to love. Pique is certainly not perfect and Morag can't keep her in a cage and have her just the way she herself wants. The feeling is that by the end of the book, Morag is coming to terms with her own past, her present and her future, which is full of hope for Pique.