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The Divine Comedy Essay Dante Alighieri’s, The Divine Comedy, Inferno, was written during a very uncertain time of his life. He is middle aged and exiled from his beloved city of Florence. Dante is economically and politically ruined (Cervigni and Vasta 6). He reflects on the past and is repulsed by its significance. The consumption of his guilt, depression, and anger was the impetus for writing this book. In the first paragraph in Canto I, “…

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…at the end of the book, “we climbed up, he first and I second, so far that through a round opening I saw some of the beautiful things that Heaven bears; and thence we issued forth to see again the stars.”(Alighieri 369). Bibliography Works Cited Alighieri, Dante. The Divine Comedy, Inferno. Trans. Charles S. Singleton. Princeton University Press 1989. Alighieri, Dante. Vita Nuova. Trans. Dino S. Cervigni and Edward Vasta. The University of Notre Dame Press