The Dividing Line

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Two Korean soldiers-- one from Sariwan, North Korea, and one from Chongju, South Korea-- stare intensely at one another, watching each and every move. They are in the DMZ, a 4 km wide band stretching across 250 km of deserted land, known as the demilitarized zone between the two Koreas. They each represent their part of Korea. The soldiers are in this uptight position because of the Korean War, which never officially ended with a peace treaty. …

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…us back to the DMZ, where the two soldiers continue constant eye contact. Although the North and the South share these similarities and differences, one can only help think of the possibility that the soldiers, from both Koreas , one day will be hand in hand as they defend Korea as a whole. But until that day comes, think of the fear and tension between North and South Korea and know it will continue to exist.