The Disuniting of America

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America: One or Many? The Disuniting of America by Arthur A. Schlesinger Jr. Norton. 1998. 208 pages In The Disuniting of America, Arthur M. Schlesinger tells about the history of “the new race” of Americans. “In the new republic civil commitment replaced bloodlines as the test for citizenship.” The peoples of the new land where thrown into a crucible that forced the people to combine their skills and effort to solve their problems. Together different groups of …

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…important. Chinese and Mormons each practice forms of ancestor worship. Both recently practiced polygamy. These shared customs in their backgrounds give my parents plenty of things to share and even more to laugh about. People should focus more on similarities and less on differences. If we see ourselves as one people we may be more effective at addressing our differences in constructive and compassionate ways. This will make our society a fully developed melting pot.