"The Demon In The Freezer by Richard Preston

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"Future nations will know by history only that the loathsome smallpox has existed and by you has been extirpated." Thomas Jefferson, 1806 in a letter to Edward Jenner Inventors and Discoverers, do dream of the future implications of their creations, Bill gates dreamt of a world where every computer would run Microsoft software, Dr. Edward Jenner dreamt that his discovery would rid the world of Small Pox. Many would pronounce "The dreams of these great men …

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…thus creating a balance of power, now because there is a balance of power, you would at least want to maintain that balance of power if not get more power. All this power struggle is what may never rid the world of disease. Perhaps the biggest disease is the greed for power itself, which I am afraid can never be cured/vaccinated with science but with spirituality and the proper practice of religion. © 2003 Arun Prakash