The Democratic and Republican parties in the 2000 presidential election.

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Conventional Politics In 2000 Why it is that so often Democrats and Republicans sling mud at one and other, constantly attempting to discredit the other party's beliefs, thoughts, and feelings? In today's political climate, and probably throughout the history of politics, the real goal for any political "player" or "team" is to win, at any cost. What happened to working together for the good of society? What happened to civilized compromise, such as what happened at …

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…is a question that likely will never be answered. I hate to phrase it as "The lesser of two evils"; however that is how I feel about both parties as they currently stand. Both parties' need to focus more of their efforts on solutions and execution rather than marketing and perception, and allow their actions to speak for themselves. Focusing on winning the war is far more important than winning battles among your team members.