The Demise of Lady Macbeth, In Macbeth

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In the play Macbeth, by WIlliam Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth is a women driven by love and ambition. In the beginning she appears to be vert tough; yet she weakens as Macbeth grows more foul in his deeds. Lady Macbeth is able to spurn her husband on his evil pursuit of becoming king, but she cannot handle the human feelings of guilt are remorse that go along with this act. It is because of Lady Macbeth's …

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…a nest of termites loose on the stilts that support a beachouse. The stilits may appear strong, and may continue to appear so as they are being eaten. Then one day, there will no longer be enough support and the house will fall. Unless, some sees the problem and faces it, the house will contiune to get weaker and weaker. Lady Macbeth couldn't do it, and she took the coward's way, right to the end.