The Demise of Georgiana in the short story "The Birthmark" by Nathaniel Hawthorn

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Essay Question: "The Birthmark" When first reading "The Birthmark," Georgiana presents herself to be a somewhat admirable character. Unfortunately, as the story progresses, there are more and more things I can find that lead me to dislike her, along with the rest of the characters in this story. The source of all of Georgiana's unfavorable actions was merely her small, crimson, birthmark on her left cheek, which was far from her worst character flaw. In …

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…mark unfortunately, prevented this and in place came excessive worry about what others thought making her shallow, and leading to her untimely demise. I can say that I will never allow myself to be influenced by the thoughts of others as Georgiana was in her story. Along with that thought I hope that no woman on earth is ever led to Georgiana's frame of mind . Every human deserves to have pride in who they are.