"The Degression of Absolutism" This generally explians the events that transformed England from monarchy to parliament

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In 1066, the conquest of England by the Normans caused England to develop into a Monarchy. Bye 1215, with the Magna Carta the absolute power of monarchs in England was already being challenged. As time progressed the power of monarchs decreased and the power of parliament became supreme. In 1066 William I, setup a strong new ruling class of nobles. This was know as feudalism. At this time the power of a monarch was very high and practically …

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…the houses of lords and commons emerged as representation expanded. In 1628 the petition of right further increased the power of parliament. The English Civil Wars, fought between parliament and the king, also increased parliament's power. By 1689 with the Bill of Rights Parliament was nearly totally in control. As time increased the power of parliament grew. Absolute monarch's power was restricted by the parliament allowing for their power to grow. Now England is practically a democracy.