The Definition of Avant Garde with reference to Drama, Dance, Music and Performance. With the influence Richard Schechner had on our piece.

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In Twentieth Century Theatre from the time of the Renaissance on, theatre seemed to be striving for total realism, or at least for the illusion of reality. As it reached that goal in the late 19th century, a multifaceted, antirealistic reaction erupted. Many movements, generally lumped together as the avant-garde, attempted to suggest alternatives to the realistic drama and production. Paralleling modern art movements, various theoreticians turned to symbol, abstraction, and ritual in an attempt …

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…nature of the piece where as at first I personally thought it could possibly be a hindrance, I feel that we achieved what we set out to do and put together a simple yet complex performance of our findings. Bibliography The Twentieth Century Performance Reader, Edited by Michael Huxley and Noel Witts, Second edition - Published by Routledge, 2002. The Definition Of Avant Garde, By Margaret Rubik, Published By - Macmillan Press LTD, 1998.