The Decembrist Revolution

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“In the early hours of the day after tomorrow, I shall either be the sovereign or a corpse.” As Czar Nicholas stated, the Russian government’s knowledge of an uprising planned to occur on the following day of Monday December 14, 1825 was quite known of. The conspirators behind this uprising, or Decembrists, were to play a significant role in Russian history and the world at large. Formed out of two secret societies, the North and South …

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…left them divided when they knew success could only be obtained through harmony. The failure to follow a specific course of action, perhaps partly due to the cowardice of key conspirators created a backfire of plans, installing confusion amongst their ranks. Ultimately, it is due to the failed unity between the North and South Societies, rushed plans, and the disastrous leadership of Decembrist leaders, that inevitably led to the failure of the Decembrist Revolt of 1825.