"The Death of a Salesman" by Arthur Miller.

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The first crusade took place in 1091. Its aim was to regain the Holy land from the hands of Muslims. However, it was not significant, due to the success in retaking Jerusalem, but because of the great number of knights, that came from all over Europe to join the war in the name of Christianity. This was an extraordinary thing, to gather so many people to follow one purpose. One purpose, that convinced troops of different …

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…He mislaid the real sense of life, exchanging it with an artificial vision of reaching for his dreams. And so, he ended just like the crusaders. He gained some things throughout his life, only to loose them later and become unwanted. The most terrifying is not, that he lost his family, job, car or any of the mundane goods. The most horrible thing that can happen to a human is loosing his or her dreams.