The Day of the Jackal

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The Day of the Jackal: This book, a suspenseful narrative by Frederick Forsyth had its origin by means of the observations he made as a Reuter's correspondent in Paris. The basics of this plot are very simple, one man wants to kill de Gaulle, and another man wants to stop him. The Day of the Jackal begins as Charles de Gaulle's grants Algeria their independence, by means of this decision he creates a certain political …

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…together the Jackal's image in time to prevent this international incident. In this book we follow the Jackal's meticulous planning step by step. The intelligence of the Jackal leaves me perplexed, the way he is able to avoid being captured and how he devises his brilliant plan by means of theft of passaports, forgery of documents and a great alternation of identities. All in all, " The Day of the Jackal " is a masterpiece of suspense.