The Culture of Zimbabwe

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The Culture of Zimbabwe In examining the culture of Zimbabwe it is necessary to identify the predominant population group. The Shona people make up over eighty percent of the population and historically have lived in the country longer than any other group. Because of both the relative size and historical significance of this group, the culture of the Shona best illustrates the true culture of Zimbabwe. Culture is a vague term and can be more …

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…voice” is an elderly woman who speaks to visiting delegations in a supposedly ancient dialect that must be translated into the language of the visitors (p.187). These religious practices, compiled with the aforementioned everyday mannerisms, exchange rituals, family relationships, and art forms identify the true culture of the Shona people and the country of Zimbabwe. Cheney, Robert. (1990). The Land and People of Zimbabwe. New York: Harper & Row O’Toole, Thomas. (1989). Zimbabwe. Minneapolis: Learner Publications Company