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“THE CRUCIBLE” By ARTHUR MILLER ESSAY QUESTION: “Miller tries to show that conflict in “The Crucible” stems from certain recognisable human failings such as greed, vengeance, jealousy, ambition, fear and hysteria.” Discuss this statement and, where possible, refer to specific instances from the play to support your argument. Life as a human is dictated by an inborn hunger or purpose, and people, in general, will act on this hunger for their own personal gain in …

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…will find these same weaknesses when assessing our own strengths. Would you sacrifice others to save yourself? Or would you sacrifice yourself to save others? It is a question all hope they will not face or have to answer. Very few could say they do not posses the failings that make us all so very human. Thus one can see that from these universal human failings, stem conflicts with the ability to consume us all.