The Crucible Act 4

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Act 4: Crucible Itís sad to see how the town is falling apart because of these trials. ďCows are wandering loose, crops are rotting in the fields, and orphans are wandering without supervision.Ē People are either in jail or attending the trials or are just much too busy worrying about being accused of witchcraft to do much else. It seems that the only reason the Judge is even continuing on the trials is in fairness …

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…play is about people relying more on gossip and hearsay than the facts, and the terror that could come from it. Itís about the state being run by the Church with no guidelines in what it can or canít do. Itís about human nature; there are those who refuse to back down from their convictions, and there are those who refuse to back down even if their convictions are an outright lie.