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The Crucible The Salem witch-trials, are an historic event that occurred during the Puritan era. It was the witch-trials that decided the fate of so many of the accused. Arthur Miller, the author of The Crucible uses the Salem episode as a parallel to an event in the 1950s known as the "Red Scare". He associates many incidents of the "Red Scare" with that of the Salem witch-trials. Such incidents as: witch-hunts, hysteria, and cupidity …

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…makes the audience sympathetic to the incidences that happen to him throughout the play. He is a victim of the witch-hunt, hysteria and cupidity that meanders throughout Salem. The reader or audience may not know that Arthur Miller was a victim of the "Red Scare" but his underlying point is that witch-hunt occurrences, hysteria, and cupidity are very possible and are still possible to this day and it can be very disintegrating to a community.