The Crucible

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THE CRUCIBLE From the beginning of time until now deceptive individuals will conduct in such a matter that their fears and suspicions will take advantage of their actions causing them to behave in an immoral and irrational manner. In Arthur Millerís The Crucible, Abigail and other characters of the play accused people in the Puritan town of Salem of being witches. With those accusations fear was spread and it ends up dominating the lives …

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…guilt or innocence, once a person has been accused of abuse, they are automatically assumed to be guilty, and the accuser is never second guessed. As well, even if they are proven innocent, their reputation is permanently tarnished. This is the same as what happened in Salem: the accused were never able to clear their names. In todayís society suspicion and fear still causes people to behave immorally and irrationally and it always will.