The Criminal Within

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AT the information desk of a downtown Manhatten Barnes And Noble, I ask about a title--Be your own undertaker. How to dispose of a dead body. The young man behind the desk doesn't miss a beat. "Has it begun to smell." he asks,with a perfunctory grin that acknowledges yet undercuts the small joke between us. He knows there is no corpse in need of disposal my inquiring openly aboutsuck a book in a Barnes …

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…times" to allow for the release of buoyant gases during decomposition. And if you've got to remove incriminating ballistic evidence from a head wornd, you can "cut the skin off the forehead, break up the skull bone behind it, and reach with long tweezers, chopsticks, or something similar...."Bowman's earnest, intimate tone--"if you find yourself gripped by a constant urge to visit or look over te site...resist it" is both eerie and hilarious.