The Creation of Meaning. What is Meaning?

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What is meaning? Meaning is what we understand from what see or hear, the meaning of a statement can be different from person to person, it depends on the individual's interpretation. Sometimes, the meaning of a statement may be unclear to an individual, prompting the question,"What do you mean?" asking for clarification of the meaning of the original statement. Sometimes we do not understand something because it is on a particular subject, using subject …

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…you that you may deliver the Glove to The Queen at Westminster Abbey on the 2nd of June." Other devices that affect meaning and sense are paraphrases, deictic devices, Irony and sarcasm, hyperbole and litotes, logical entailment and expectation, presupposition, and true and false statements. All of these affect the meaning and sense of a word, phrase or statement, whether spoken or written, working hand in hand with the affects of context, purpose, and audience.