The Controversy of Euthanasia (assisted suicide)

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The Controversy of Euthanasia "Nancy Crick, a 69 year-old grandmother who believed that she was dying of cancer, committed suicide in front of 21 family and friends. Two days after Nancy Crick's suicide, the pathologist who examined Nancy could find no visual trace of cancer in her body although there was evidence of previous cancers"(Steel32). This brings up the question: Is assisted suicide and euthanasia really what needs to be done? Some people will say yes …

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…he saw on his son's face, the words I love you dad, and the life long memories that they once had. If this father had chosen to have somebody end his life, he would have never had the experience of those last three months. His memories of his son would have fell short and his son would ask, "Why did my dad give up on me?" Hopefully one would think twice before asking to killed.