The Conciliar Movement and Schism

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Exemplified by the "Babylonian Captivity," the problems, which aroused in the eleventh century papacy, were nothing that could be overlooked. Eventually causing the schism and conciliar movement, the corruption of those leaders of the Catholic Church was caused by a question of who had more power, the king or the pope? The quest for more power in the papacy resulted in the beginning of the reform movement, another reason for the European states to politically …

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…belief in the Unum Sanctum of 1300, which declared papal infallibility, meaning the abuses could continue since they could do no wrong. The end of the conciliar movement was marked by the apparent accomplishment of nothing. Foreign relations continued as were: everyone looking for a reason to gang up on everyone else. The schism and abuses of the papacy laid down the foundation to reformation, which did not help the Universal Catholic Church, only destroyed it.