The Concept of Fideism as a Solution to the problem of Faith/Reason - Question/Answer Format

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*The concept of fideism and its solution of the problem of faith and reason. The concept of fideism in opposition to rationalism provides a very peculiar solution to the problem of faith and reason, basically answering it in a way that reason cannot guide one to God. No human could reach the level of the omnipotent and omniscient God through a limited framework of reason that we can possess. Furthermore trying to reach God through …

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…gives us a choice to follow either one path or another...and to BE able to make that choice we have to go through some sort of reasoning activity, whether it is done consciously or not. So, the disadvantages are obvious - we are not free in our thinking and therefore do not have the freedom of choice which is supposed to be the leading concept of any sociological background which was created so far.