The Complete and Unabriged History of Flint, Michigan

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The History of Flint The history of Flint is perhaps as long and complex as the federal bureaucracy. OK, maybe not. The first white man to visit Flint was the famous fur trader Jacob Smith. He was the first to settle in the area and established his lucrative trade here. His trading post was the cornerstone of the city, that is until it was torn down to make room for a parking ramp. The social …

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…and how large a mess it makes. I responded that my father owns a few homes within a three block radius of our own, and he, too places the trash on the curb after an eviction. I pointed out that most people are evicted because they are slobs or behind on rent. It is often hard on the owner to evict this person in the first place, and event harder to clean up after them.